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Introducing sherryjsmith.com

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”  This quote from Shakespeare’s famous play is widely interpreted to mean what matters is what something is, rather than what it is called. Well, we believe this to be true, but since we have three names floating […]

John Hiking

A new website and delayed retirement bliss.

For the last several years my primary duty as Sherry’s sherpa Spouse was to carry stuff. So far I have been able to handle that job. Other jobs assigned to me were to take care of the business and tech stuff. I had hoped to clear the deck of as much of the extraneous chores required of a working artist so Sherry would have more time at the easel. I have to confess the tech part of the job has not been handled so well. Sherry should fire me, but I work for free. I did volunteer to cut my salary in half (sorry Math joke). In May of 2022, I retired from my work as a community college professor of mathematics. Mostly, I taught introductory statistics and survey of mathematics courses for the non STEM major, in other words math for math haters. With that season of life at an end, I was a recovering academic ready to make the transition to the golden age of retirement bliss. Here is my retirement goals list.

Enjoy Life


Do whatever I want, whenever I want.

There were just a few easy tasks I needed to complete and the retirement bliss could begin. So here I am 13+ months later wondering what the hell went wrong.